Sea Hunt

Mike Nelson is a S.C.U.B.A. diver in the days when it was still very new. He works alone, and the plot was mostly carried through his voice-over narrations. These gave the show a flavor of ...

Genre: Action & Adventure , Drama

Director: James Buxbaum

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1958

IMDb: 7.7

Season 1 - Sea Hunt
04 Jan 1958
"Racing against time, Mike Nelson attempts a risky rescue of a test pilot trapped in his plane's cockpit 60 feet below the ocean's surface."
11 Jan 1958
"Mike travels 1500 miles inland to a flooded mine where two men are trapped in a foul air pocket. He reaches them, but his dilemma is that there is only enough air in his tank to rescue the ..."
25 Jan 1958
"While testing the skills of two divers, Mike is attacked by one of them, whom is suffering from rapture of the deep."
01 Feb 1958
"Mike is asked to investigate when two underwater geologists disappear, one of whom washes up on the beach with marks of a struggle with a gigantic octopus."
"No description"
15 Feb 1958
"Although Kay Dalton is terrified of the sea, she is determined to dive for a cache of stolen diamonds."
"No description"
"No description"
08 Mar 1958
"Mike comes to the aid of a young friend, whom has been fooled into working for a couple unsavory treasure hunters."
15 Mar 1958
"Mike searches the ocean bottom for a gone-astray nose cone."
"No description"
29 Mar 1958
"Mike pilots a mini-submarine in an attempt to rescue a Russian scientist defector from a ship, where he is being held by his Soviet kidnappers."
05 Apr 1958
"Nelson is hired to study shark behavior at various depths and the effects of a new shark repellent.In Caribbean waters and with two other divers assisting him,he is lowered in a shark \"cage..."
12 Apr 1958
"Nelson,brought to the Latin American port of Santa Pueblo,investigates a recently found German WWII submarine.The sub,which had been on a secret mission,may contain secret documents or ..."
19 Apr 1958
"An overly energetic man appears on Nelson's boat and claims to have built a machine which can find shipwrecks by calculating where the shifting of the earth's plates have moved them. After ..."
26 Apr 1958
"Mike assists the authorities in trying to apprehend a poacher operating in the swamps of Silver Springs, Florida."
03 May 1958
"Mike has serious concerns regarding a dangerous, underwater, carnival magic act."
"No description"
17 May 1958
"Mike Nelson accepts a job to supervise a diving expedition for diamonds in South America, but soon rebels against his employers."
24 May 1958
"Mike Nelson goes after a vicious alligator that escapes from a wild-animal show in Silver Springs, Fla. and takes refuge in the lake in a public park."
31 May 1958
"Mike Nelson learns of a derelict mine which has drifted into a California harbor."
"No description"
"No description"
21 Jun 1958
"A professor and his daughter hire Mike Nelson to help them search for a rare underwater plant in Costa Rica."
28 Jun 1958
"Two prospectors (one of whom is at times violently paranoid about being cheated) ask Nelson to join them in a search for uranium deposits in a river bottom. When after two futile weeks ..."
"No description"
12 Jul 1958
"Mike discovers a kidnapped scientist being held in an underwater prison cell."
19 Jul 1958
"Offshore near Santa Barbara,Nelson is testing a sea \"scooter\". Meanwhile,a know-it-all ex-athlete and his wife are spending the day at the beach with their two kids. The kids are carelessly..."
26 Jul 1958
"Mike attempts to rescue a kidnapped Latin American diplomat being held with his wife at sea on his pleasure boat named Santa Rosa."
"No description"
09 Aug 1958
"A stuntman tries to break the world's skin-diving record."
16 Aug 1958
"Hoodlums attack Mike after he explores the waters around a pier."
23 Aug 1958
"Mike tries to prove that a woman's drowning was not accidental."
30 Aug 1958
"Mike is hired to make a molehill out of an underwater mountain."
"No description"
13 Sep 1958
"Mike's life is targeted for murder during his insurance investigation of a sunken ship."
20 Sep 1958
"Mike investigates reports of a sea monster, which is literally causing whales to leap into the air above the ocean's surface."
27 Sep 1958
"Mike searches for the divers who are tapping top secret telephone communications along an underwater cable."
"Mike discovers an important manganese deposit, but an ambitious young geologist, sharks, and an approaching hurricane threaten to silence him before he can inform the government."
Season 2 - Sea Hunt
04 Jan 1959
"Mike is hired by three brothers who want him to teach them how to Scuba dive."
11 Jan 1959
"Mike unwittingly becomes involved in the preparation of an underwater bank robbery."
18 Jan 1959
"Mike battles saboteurs, while conducting an underwater security check for a rocket fuel plant."
25 Jan 1959
"Mike battles spies in an underwater maze of caves."
"No description"
08 Feb 1959
"A woman, who is willing to do anything she can to win, challenges Mike to an underwater race, as a publicity stunt."
15 Feb 1959
"Mike Nelson is called in on a space project and commissioned to experiment underwater with four top candidates for space travel."
22 Feb 1959
"Mike Nelson and three of his students search for a missing diver, who was dragged deep below the surface by a large fish that he speared."
"No description"
08 Mar 1959
"A beautiful millionairess who was crippled by a mountain climbing accident has her husband and doctor recommend scuba diving as therapy for her legs. Nelson is hired to work with her. The ..."
15 Mar 1959
"Mike conducts a desperate search for survivors soon after a freighter sinks to the bottom of a river in the city of New York. He finds two trapped men and a dog named Tiger surviving in an ..."
22 Mar 1959
"Mike investigates sabotage of a turbo-electric dam located in a desert area of a small country."
29 Mar 1959
"Mike takes on a possible suicide mission, when he agrees to swim with a fire hose through an underwater intake pipe into a burning warehouse filled with combustible chemicals."
05 Apr 1959
"Nelson passing on an invitation to enjoy a break at Catalina Island instead decides to do some needed maintenance work on his boat. However,he is \"hired\" at gunpoint to retrieve narcotics ..."
"No description"
19 Apr 1959
"Mike helps the police investigate the apparent murders of two divers that were searching for a sunken yacht full of treasure."
26 Apr 1959
"While looking into the possibility of linking two Latin American lakes by a canal, Mike runs into a group of rebel guerillas."
03 May 1959
"While on a research project, Mike encounters saboteur frogmen attempting to destroy the Panama Canal."
10 May 1959
"A Greek sponge diver and his pretty girlfriend lay a minefield for Mike, fearful that he will interfere with their discovery of a valuable statue on the Mediterranean seabed."
17 May 1959
"Mike searches for a diver who has just stolen a briefcase filled with top secret papers."
24 May 1959
"A geologist, looking for uranium deposits in an underwater cave, is trapped by a landslide."
"No description"
07 Jun 1959
"Mike takes a husband and wife archaeologists on a cave dive."
14 Jun 1959
"While on a diving assignment in a foreign country, Mike Nelson unwillingly becomes involved in proving that the country's military ruler is guilty of murdering a member of the opposition party."
"No description"
"No description"
05 Jul 1959
"Mike attempts to rescue a kidnapped friend."
"No description"
"No description"
26 Jul 1959
"Mike Nelson is on assignment to locate narcotics hidden below the waterline of vessels in the harbor."
02 Aug 1959
"While conducting a visual and photographic survey for a State underwater park, Mike becomes a target for murder."
09 Aug 1959
"Mike takes part in a daring rescue mission of a woman held prisoner by foreign forces."
16 Aug 1959
"Mike risks his life to catch pearl thieves off the coast of Hawaii."
23 Aug 1959
"Mike helps to bust up a murderous alien-smuggling ring."
30 Aug 1959
"Mike gets involved in recovering stolen six valuable computer memory tapes, which are being held for ransom."
06 Sep 1959
"Mike attempts to free a salvage diver trapped under a tremendously heavy piece of deck cargo."
13 Sep 1959
"Mike attempts to rescue a couple inexperienced divers from the deep."
20 Sep 1959
"A deep sea fisherman and his son arm and plant a World War II mine in an attempt to destroy a kelp harvester."
"Mike dives onto a sunken freighter loaded with nitro, planning to detonate the cargo before it drifts away into the shipping lanes."
Season 3 - Sea Hunt
09 Jan 1960
"Mike takes on the dangerous task of rescuing a political refugee, who is in an embassy and hiding from a Latin American dictator."
16 Jan 1960
"Mike battles a murderous style pirate, while working in the Bahamas as an underwater photographer for a famous bathing suit designer."
23 Jan 1960
"With the use of an underwater camera fitted with a periscope lens, Mike helps agents round up members of an organized crime syndicate."
30 Jan 1960
"Mike takes command of the first underwater flotilla of the United States Coast Guard Auxillary in search of sunken radioactive cargo."
"No description"
13 Feb 1960
"Mike's assignment: Retrieve a deadly radioactive capsule and restore it to a lead container without exposing himself to gamma radiation that could take his life."
20 Feb 1960
"Mike's vacation in The Bahamas is interrupted by the US Secret Service. They need him to search for two-million counterfeit dollars stashed at the bottom of the ocean."
27 Feb 1960
"Mike tangles with enemy frogmen, while participating in a US Navy inspection of an underwater camera cable."
05 Mar 1960
"Mike rescues a girl diver who is trying to trace the origin of a jade statue she owns. He joins the search and is rewarded with an attack on his life."
12 Mar 1960
"While on patrol with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Mike becomes entangled with an exiled crime boss, who is trying to slip back into the country."
"No description"
"No description"
02 Apr 1960
"Mike gets involved with helping foreign revolutionaries overthrow their dictator."
09 Apr 1960
"Mike races against time to rescue a 12-year-old boy trapped in an underwater grotto, rigged with explosives."
16 Apr 1960
"Mike joins a diving expedition in search of a prehistoric fish thought to be extinct for millions of years."
23 Apr 1960
"Things go terribly wrong for Mike, while he is involved in planting underwater explosives in the ocean's floor."
30 Apr 1960
"Mike travels deep into the jungle areas of a small Latin-American country in search of a sacred pool of water and its secrets held within."
07 May 1960
"Mike attempts a risky rescue of a young girl trapped inside an underwater mine."
14 May 1960
"Mike searches underwater for a missing female scientist friend."
21 May 1960
"Mike investigates the wreck of a sunken Navy ship."
"No description"
"No description"
11 Jun 1960
"While performing experimental underwater research utilizing infra-red light, a diver goes missing."
18 Jun 1960
"Mike takes on a dangerous spy mission while vacationing in the Caribbean."
25 Jun 1960
"The US Coast Guard enlists Mike's help in determining the cause of sabotage to the radar of the coastal warning system."
"No description"
09 Jul 1960
"Mike investigates a mysterious signal emanating from the ocean's floor."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
06 Aug 1960
"Mike comes to the aid of his old diving instructor, whom is now getting too old to make dangerous dives."
13 Aug 1960
"Mike investigates the mysterious drowning death of the inventor of an advanced rebreather device."
20 Aug 1960
"Mike gets mixed up with two scientists trying to examine fossils from the sea."
27 Aug 1960
"Mike tangles with divers growing a hybrid form of marijuana under water."
"No description"
10 Sep 1960
"Mike attempts to rescue a movie starlet trapped underwater aboard a ship, which is flooded after a special effects dynamite blast."
17 Sep 1960
"The US Coast Guard recruits Mike to search for a missing missile on the ocean floor."
24 Sep 1960
"Mike attempts to recover a Top Secret diplomatic pouch lost in hostile foreign waters."
"Mike responds to a \"\"man overboard\"\" situation, but an extensive search turns up no victim."
Season 4 - Sea Hunt
07 Jan 1961
"As part of a research project, Mike Nelson attempts to spend three days underwater at a depth of 250 feet in a pressure chamber dubbed Scubasphere. A tropical storm pops up, and both the ..."
14 Jan 1961
"While in a South American jungle, Mike tangles with a jealous treasure hunter."
21 Jan 1961
"Mike investigates the mysterious collision of two Navy destroyers."
28 Jan 1961
"Mike's normally level-headed skindiving buddy begins to exhibit peculiar behavior."
"No description"
11 Feb 1961
"Mike tries to recover valuable medical supplies that an Asiatic warlord has dumped into the river."
"No description"
25 Feb 1961
"Mike risks his life in order to sneak badly needed medical supplies through a dictator's mine-infested blockade."
04 Mar 1961
"Problems arise as Mike attempts to retrieve a pair of radioactive cylinders leaking dangerous amounts of radiation underwater."
11 Mar 1961
"Using sonar equipment on his boat, Mike tracks heroin smugglers."
18 Mar 1961
"Mike travels to Mexico in search of underwater fossils in an inaccessible cave."
25 Mar 1961
"Mike takes part in a special program known as Operation Astronette. His job is to train three female astronauts in underwater survival skills."
01 Apr 1961
"Mike attempts to salvage a survival kit from a German fighter plane shot down during World War II."
08 Apr 1961
"Professor Halliday wants more money to carry on his underwater exploration."
15 Apr 1961
"An inventor dies while testing a new underwater detection device."
"No description"
29 Apr 1961
"Mike attempts to diffuse two sunken torpedoes, as well as diffusing the racial tensions between the Japanese and American members of his 3-man team."
06 May 1961
"Mike and a young man, whom he had helped rehabilitate when he was a juvenile delinquent, fly to Hawaii to hunt for lionfish, one of the most venomous fish on the ocean floor."
13 May 1961
"Mike and his partner fight the bends, as they endure a long recovery process in a submarine's escape trunk."
20 May 1961
"Mike and his diving team are attacked by a violent new breed of octopus."
27 May 1961
"While searching for a sunken wreck, Mike's hard hat diving partner disappears, leaving nothing behind but his torn air hose attached to their boat on the surface."
"No description"
10 Jun 1961
"While in the dangerous jungles of Ecuador, Mike takes desperate measures to save the life of his very ill infant godson."
17 Jun 1961
"Mike travels undercover to the Caribbean Coast on a secret mission for the United States Government."
"No description"
"No description"
08 Jul 1961
"While Mike is in Nassau on a salvage job, two of his friends catch and eat a strangely poisonous fish for breakfast, which causes severe hallucinations that trigger suicidal and homicidal tendencies."
15 Jul 1961
"After being falsely arrested for diving in a bay, Mike sets out to solve a murder mystery."
22 Jul 1961
"A female diving friend of Mike's is hospitalized with severe injuries sustained by a hit-and-run speedboat piloted by a popular movie star."
29 Jul 1961
"Mike is recruited to rescue the statue of a Saint who falls off a ship into the sea. The locals believe this is the cause of many problems in the area including the poor fishing."
05 Aug 1961
"Mike is suspected of insurance fraud, after an impostor steals a valuable necklace."
"No description"
19 Aug 1961
"A South American city's water supply is threatened by a drum of poison from an overturned truck."
26 Aug 1961
"While vacationing in Nassau, Bahamas, Mike meets an eccentric multi-millionaire inventor and his sister. He helps the man experiment with an underwater remote control device used to guide boats."
02 Sep 1961
"Mike battles underwater saboteurs, as he assists the US Navy with underwater sound travel experiments."
09 Sep 1961
"Mike investigates the ramming of a Coast Guard boat by a hydroplane piloted by a friend of his during a race."
16 Sep 1961
"Mike Nelson sets out to prove that the death at sea of a friend's father was the result of murder."
"Mike must find and disarm a torpedo that's been sent into the outflow tube of a hydro-electric plant."