Tattoo Girls

Tattoo Girls is a reality TV show about five female tattoo artist who own a tattoo shop in Springfield, Missouri.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 6.6

Season 1 - Tattoo Girls
"A male client comes in asking for a \"below the belt\" tattoo. A way too hairy client requires Kelsey to call the local waxing salon for some backup. And after a night out, the girls talk \"girl code\"."
"A local grandma asks for a time-sensitive tattoo of roses on her butt. A tiger attack survivor wants a tattoo to help him move forward. Then, Nikki goes on a romantic picnic date with Bobby Love and Kelsey makes a shocking decision about the shop."
"Nikki and Megan give a cold welcome to new artist. Kelsey tries to maintain peace in the shop, while struggling to care for her father. Nikki's fears come to light when a client gets stolen right out from under her nose."
"Liz's client struggles to get through a shocking face tattoo. Kelsey closes the shop for a day on the river to ease the tension between the girls, but things backfire when Liz questions coming to Springfield and Nikki angrily confronts Kelsey."
"A local chick shaves it off for a head tattoo. When her father stops by, Kelsey has an emotional breakdown. Nikki reunites with the one that got away and Brittany does a gory piercing. The girls of Ink Ink stick together as a family."
"After tattooing over the scar of a burn victim, Megan gets unwanted criticism from Liz. While out at dinner, the girls are stunned by news they might be losing one of their own. Can they stick together or will the future of Ink Ink be altered forever?"